The Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Business Conduct (“the Code”) outlines the expectations of the GraceKennedy Group (“our Company”, “the Group” or “GK”) as it relates to the conduct of our team. The Code represents the essence of who we are, our commitment to each other, those we serve, and those we do business with.
Every year, our GK team, which includes all employees and Directors across our Group, are required to certify that we have read and understand, and fully complied with the Code during the preceding year. Employees are also required to indicate whether they have reported any violations of the Code. GK provides team members with training on the Code.
Conduct that is inconsistent with the ethical standards, core values and principles set out in the Code are unacceptable and considered a breach of the Code. A breach of the Code will be dealt with in accordance with the Company’s policies and procedures and may lead to disciplinary action including dismissal where appropriate.

The Code inspires us to excel at everything we do, both professionally and personally, in an ethical manner and in compliance with the law.
GraceKennedy’s reputation and continued success depend on the decisions and conduct of our team. Every action we take should embody GraceKennedy’s core values, Honesty, Integrity and Trust, and our We Care ethos, which have guided us for over 100 years.

Download a print-ready version of the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Business Conduct here.