GraceKennedy (GK) has proudly unveiled its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, marking a significant step forward in its sustainability journey. The report outlines the Company’s longstanding commitment to responsible business practices and offers a first glimpse into the ESG goals and targets that will steer GK towards achieving its 2030 vision.

Don Wehby, GK Group CEO, commented, ” Our inaugural ESG Report, which we have called ‘The We Care Report’, demonstrates that GK is more than just a business, we are a company that cares about our people, our communities, and our planet. Guided by our core values and our We Care ethos, the GK team is diligently working to create a more sustainable future, not just for our business, but for all our stakeholders – our team, our customers, business partners, shareholders, and the communities we serve. ESG is fundamental to GK long-term success, and we have already begun the process of integrating ESG principles into our core business strategy.”

The inaugural GraceKennedy Environmental, Social, and Governance Report was released in September 2023. Dubbed ‘The We Care Report’, the publication’s cover and inside pages feature images from a GraceKennedy mural by visual artist Pamela Chang, which was commissioned by the Company and recently unveiled on Port Royal Street in downtown Kingston.

The report provides a detailed account of GK’s ESG journey, detailing the process through which the Company established its ESG goals. Gail Moss-Solomon, GK’s General Counsel & Chief Corporate Secretary and Chair of its ESG Committee, explained that the goals and targets featured in the report were developed by a diverse cross-section of GK team members, to address the ESG priority areas identified in GK’s first Materiality Assessment, conducted by Nasdaq ESG Advisory earlier this year.

Moss-Solomon emphasized, “The assessment provided us with valuable insights into the risks and growth opportunities associated with each aspect of ESG. This is especially important as international regulatory standards are moving toward requiring ESG disclosures from publicly traded companies, signifying a shift towards greater transparency, accountability, and sustainability.”

(L-R) Gail Moss-Solomon, GK’s General Counsel & Chief Corporate Secretary and Chair of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee and Suzanne Nam, Head of Corporate Communications and ESG Committee Member, at the launch of GK’s inaugural ESG Report, last Wednesday. The virtual launch hosted over 120 Directors, Executives and Senior Managers from across the GraceKennedy Group.

The report introduces seven ESG goals, each aligned with one of GK’s five ESG themes, which are: adhering to the highest standards of integrity; providing a safe, diverse, and respectful workplace; promoting responsible products and services; being environmental stewards; and enabling inclusive and vibrant communities. Preliminary targets are also articulated for each goal, as GK begins to outline the steps it will take to advance its ESG agenda.

Moss-Solomon further disclosed that comprehensive performance metrics will be incorporated into GK’s ESG reporting in the future. In the inaugural report, GK has aligned its goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Wehby added, “We are confident in the achievability of our ESG goals and targets, and we are committed to collaborating with our stakeholders to reach them.”

(L-R) Ali Matalon, Founder & CEO, CorpCare and Zachary Weller, Chief Operations Officer, CorpCare, at the launch of GK’s inaugural ESG Report, last Wednesday. GK consulted with CorpCare on the publication of the report.

The We Care Report was launched last Wednesday during a virtual session which hosted over 120 Directors, Executives, and Senior Managers from across the GraceKennedy Group. The session featured a panel discussion with GK Executives and representatives of CorpCare, a social impact consultancy who supported GK with the report’s publication.

The release of GK’s ESG report is in line with global trends emphasizing corporate responsibility and sustainability. It also represents a noteworthy achievement for both the company and the private sector in Jamaica, as GK works to set a new benchmark for ESG performance in the Caribbean region.

The inaugural GraceKennedy ESG Report is available for download on the company’s website at:

Members of the GraceKennedy (GK) Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) team meet with CorpCare (CC) following the launch of the inaugural GK ‘We Care’ Report last Wednesday in downtown Kingston. (L-R) Jody-Ann Barnett, Senior Business Intelligence Officer, GK; Suzanne Nam, Head of Corporate Communications, GK; Gail Moss-Solomon, General Counsel & Chief Corporate Secretary and ESG Committee Chair, GK; Dominic Summers, Chief Technology Officer, CC; Zachary Weller, Chief Operations Officer, CC; Ali Matalon, Founder & CEO, CC; and Melisha Gordon, Senior Legal Officer and Assistant Corporate Secretary, GK.