GraceKennedy Limited (GK) has advised that the Company repurchased 73,000 GraceKennedy shares under the GraceKennedy 2023 Share Repurchase Programme as outlined below.

Date of Purchase No. of Shares Price
2-May-24 2,525  JM$73.97
2-May-24 27,475  JM$73.92
6-May-24 42,090  JM$73.98
6-May-24 910  JM$74.00
Total                73,000  

The Company further advises as follows:

  1. The purpose of the purchase – To enhance shareholder value
  2. The maximum intended repurchase – Up to 1% of the shares in issue (approximately 9,950,000 shares). The actual number of shares repurchased as at May 6, 2024  is a total of 2,030,722 shares
  3. The effective date of the purchase – Per table above
  4. The source of funding of the purchase – The Company’s cash flows
  5. The method of effecting the purchase – On the open market via our brokers