Group CEO encouraging Jamaicans that there’s no need to panic buy

Amidst reports of large crowds and panic buying at supermarkets across Jamaica, GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby is moving to reassure Jamaicans that Grace Foods has sufficient stock to serve its customers and consumers.

“GraceKennedy, and in this particular instance, Grace Foods’ planning protocols are very robust, especially because we know that situations such as the one we’re facing with COVID-19 are possible. While we understand that it is an uncertain time, and we encourage preparedness on the part of the public, we want everyone to know that there is no need for panic or stockpiling of products,” the Group CEO said.

Speaking to the company’s readiness, Mr Wehby advised that there is currently between six and eight weeks of inventory of key canned and preserved products for which GraceKennedy would expect an increase in demand. These include rice, corned beef and mackerel, among others. Additional finished goods and raw material inventory are en route, and will be arriving regularly over the next four months.

In the meantime, GraceKennedy’s six factories across Jamaica are increasing production of key high demand products, including viennas, baked beans and the very popular Grace Cock Soup. Distribution channels are also prepared to deal quickly with restocking of retailers and wholesalers as their products are depleted.

“We are serious about our commitment to providing key food supplies to the nation, especially at this time. We’re here for our customers and consumers, and we encourage them to take all precautions to remain safe,” Mr Wehby said.