GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby appointed Chairman

GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby, announced the new Board of Key Insurance Company during a meeting of the Board on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Key Insurance Company Limited is the newest member of the GraceKennedy Financial Group.

The Board will be chaired by Mr. Wehby, following the resignation of previous Chair, Mrs. Natalia Gobin-Gunter. Other new Directors include Linval Freeman, Kareem Tomlinson, Mariame McIntosh-Robinson, Rochelle Cameron and Herma McRae. Natalia Gobin-Gunter and Sandra Masterton will serve as continuing Directors, while Kerry-Ann Heavens will have the dual role of Director and Company Secretary.

Tammara Glaves-Hucey has assumed the role of General Manager of Key, with former Managing Director Sandra Masterton demitting office. Ms Glaves-Hucey has over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, with her most recent roles being Assistant General Manager at GK General Insurance Company and General Manager for GK Insurance Eastern Caribbean.

Mr. Wehby advised that the new Board will meet on April 7, 2020 to discuss and approve the two-year Strategic Plan and Budget. As previously stated, “We have four strategic drivers with clearly defined and measurable deliverables. They are: sustained growth and innovation, consumer centricity, improved business processes for greater efficiency and performance driven culture, underpinned by strong change management principles,” he disclosed.

“I am very confident that Key Insurance will be a great asset to the GraceKennedy Group, and I am looking forward to working with the new Board and the staff of the Company”, he said.

The acquisition of Key is part of the GraceKennedy Group’s plans to further strengthen and expand its Financial Services Division, and forms part of the company’s larger strategy of mergers and acquisitions as a strategic driver for growth for the GraceKennedy Group.