GK General Insurance Company Limited (GK Insurance) is 40 years old! To celebrate this major milestone, it is equipping 10 early childhood institutions with much needed sanitation equipment to facilitate compliance at the start of the 2021/22 academic year.

Under the supportive guidance of the Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation, GKI, one of two general insurance companies with the GraceKennedy Financial Group (GKFG) reached out to the Early Childhood Commission (ECC) for its needs list to determine the most impactful donation it could make to the sector. With COVID-19 being the most pervasive issue affecting all institutions – the decision was taken to provide foot pedal operated handwashing stations to assist 10 institutions across the island to
move closer to compliance with the Commission’s standards.

Chaluk Richards, GK Insurance’s General Manager, in his brief address to the gathering stated, “With the current pandemic conditions I am conscious that engagement is a necessity for early childhood learning, and so donations that will create an environment wher

Chaluk Richards (left), General Manager, GK General Insurance Company Limited (GK Insurance), presents a cheque for $480,000 to David Salmon (right) and Michelle Campbell (2nd right), representatives of the Early Childhood Commission (ECC). Sharing the moment is Tanketa Chance Wilson (2nd left), CEO of Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation. They were at GKI’s New Kingston headquarters recently on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary.

e the children can safely return to face-to-face instruction is worth every charitable dollar. We’re indeed happy to support ECC as we celebrate another anniversary of serving Jamaica and Jamaicans.”

On hand at GK Insurance’s head office to receive the donation were David Salmon, Early Childhood Commissioner with responsibility for Certification and Regulations, and Michelle Campbell, Director of Cross Sectoral Coordination. After receiving the symbolic cheque for $480,000 – representing the cost to purchase the handwashing stations, Ms Campbell explained that, “GKI’s donation will put us much closer toward preparing for when we return to face-to face modality.”

Michelle Campbell, EEC’S Director, Cross Sectoral Coordination, summarises the services and ambitions of the Commission and the institutions under its charge. Ms Campbell was speaking at GK Insurance’s headquarters on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary donation to the ECC.

Tanketa Chance-Wilson, CEO of Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation, revealed that, “GraceKennedy has pledged $2 million towards Raising the Standards – an initiative of the ECC to bring ECIs closer to certification. This initiative aligns with a 2021/22 strategic objective of the Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation to embark on an Early Childhood support thrust and a meaningful CSR activity in celebration of GraceKennedy’s 100th anniversary in 2022. GKI’s donation today is an excellent precursor to stimulate more corporate Jamaica support for this sector.”