In celebration of 100th anniversary GraceKennedy gives back over J$180 million

In celebration of its 100th anniversary this year the GraceKennedy (GK) Group is delivering 100 Acts of Grace. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative has already seen 90 of GK’s targeted 100 Acts of Grace being completed, including cash and in-kind donations, scholarships, bursaries, tree planting projects and beach cleanups. The activities executed to date have been valued over J$180 million and represent nearly 2000 volunteer hours from the GK team.

Act of Grace: GK Foundation volunteers participate in a beach cleanup of the shoreline adjacent to the mouth of the Kingston Pen Gully which empties into Kingston Harbour in March 2022

GK Group CEO Don Wehby explained, “We Care is one of the fundamental pillars of our Company. For 100 years we have consistently given back to the communities we serve around the world. For this milestone anniversary, we wanted to reaffirm our commitment to our We Care ethos, by executing 100 CSR initiatives, or Acts of Grace. It’s about going above and beyond to give back to those in need. I am so proud of the way our GK team has taken up the mantle on this initiative, and with the giving season upon us, I know we will meet, if not exceed our target.”

To keep track of its progress towards its targeted 100 CSR initiatives in 2022, GK has launched a webpage where its Acts of Grace are being displayed:

Act of Grace: GK subsidiary, Consumer Brands Limited, donated supplies to new mothers at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in February 2022

The GraceKennedy Foundation (GKF) and the Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation (Grace & Staff) have led the implementation of the initiative, delivering a collective 57 of the 90 CSR activities.

The highlight for GKF has been execution of beach cleanups around the Kingston Harbour, in support of GK’s long-term efforts to protect the natural environment. In celebration of GK’s centenary in 2022, GKF also awarded 100 scholarships and bursaries valued at J$24 million.

Grace & Staff’s Acts of Grace have also focused on education, tuition support valued over J$22.5 million for over 1300 Jamaican students. Grace & Staff’s target of supporting 1000 students in time for GK’s 100th anniversary was met in late 2021 and surpassed in 2022.

Act of Grace: The Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation contributed J$200,000 to the Hear the Children’s Cry School Re-Integration Programme for Formerly Missing Children in September 2022

Several GK subsidiaries in Jamaica and overseas have also been making contributions to the Acts of Grace project, including GK’s Foods Division which has collectively donated over J$5 million in cash and kind to the Mustard Seed Communities and GK Campus Connect Food Bank. Further afield, GK Belize donated care packages valued at US$15,000 to victims of Hurricane Lisa following passage of the storm in November.

From the GK Financial Group, Acts of Grace have included tree planting by First Global Bank, a blood drive by Key Insurance, and a Labour Day collaboration between GK Insurance and GK Capital Management at the Albert Street Basic School in downtown Kingston.

Act of Grace: In May 2022 the Key Insurance Company Limited team volunteered their efforts at a Labour Day beautification project at Torrington Early Childhood Institute in Kingston