Joanna-Joy Gray, GraceKennedy/Douglas Orane Scholar 2018 

Being a GK Scholar is a testimony of the goodness and provision of God. It is an opportunity both humbling and exciting. Not only is it allowing my mother and I to be better able to afford my university tuition, but also, through the volunteering opportunities, I am able to be an active part of the solution to a problem faced by many university students. Further, I am able to hone my skills of organizing, leading and working in teams and this is helping to prepare me holistically for the working world and, later, entrepreneurship. I look forward to continuing to be developed in this way. Through the aid received as a GK Scholar, I will continue to make use of various programming related workshop and meetup opportunities as I pursue my education in software engineering.


Shamari Cooper, GraceKennedy/UTECH Scholar 2018 

Being a GK Scholar means an invested success and hope. A hope of becoming someone great that’s able to give back to our society and instill hope into the minds of the younger generations to come. GraceKennedy has invested in the success of my future by providing this opportunity to me. This opportunity has given me the ability to realize my dream of tertiary education at the University of Technology, Jamaica and the ability to aim much more higher than what I anticipated initially in my career goals. I plan on using this opportunity to further my career goals by doing the best I can at university and expand my networks to become a Software Developer, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur. Thank you GraceKennedy for believing in me and in my potential by making me a GK Scholar.


Alick Campbell, GraceKennedy/Jamaica Scholar 2018

Being given the opportunity to represent the GraceKennedy brand as a scholar for the past academic year has been a tremendous experience. The exposure that I have gained from this foundation along with the security I have in knowing that my educational goals and ambitions are being supported has done a great deal for myself and my family. Being a GraceKennedy scholar inspires me daily to remain persistent and dedicated to producing quality work because I know that this foundation has confidence in my abilities. It gives me hope that even though I had a rough start, that will not dictate my future because I have the support of this team. I have every intention of using this platform as a stepping stone to ascend to my ultimate career goals in the field of Electronics Engineering. Being a scholar has increased my self-confidence and I am assured that I will propel to achieve unparalleled success, leaving the University with my Degree as I seek to act as a valuable member of the workforce.


Johmar Bennett, GraceKennedy/Carlton Alexander Scholar 2018 

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi. The quote highlighted represents hard work, discipline and dedication. However, one can be blessed with these traits but are constrained by a few factors, one is financing, being unable to afford tuition fees or not being able to have the opportunity to pursue one’s goal can stop one from moving forward. The Grace Kennedy Foundation has seen these problems and came on board to help by giving scholarships to students across the island that are showing tremendous potential and are involved in community development. This paragraph I write is to highlight how it has benefited me and what I plan to do with this opportunity in the coming future. Being a GK Scholar has great benefits, one is being an ambassador of one of the major companies in Financial Services and the Foods industry. Being a scholar of GK can provide me with the right networking opportunities to secure a spot in the working world when I graduate from the University of The West Indies in a few years. What will I do with this opportunity to further my career goals is to move on to doing my Masters in Economics and certification in Financial Analysis. Bachelors is just one step closer to this step and GK has helped me in making these strides possible and for that I express my gratitude to the foundation.


Malik Alexander, GraceKennedy/Bruce Rickards Scholar 2018 

Receiving a scholarship from The Grace Kennedy Foundation automatically introduces you to the GK family. As a GK scholar, I take pride in my post as being an ambassador for the company and as always to whom much is given, much is expected. As such, I endorse the brand in all means possible and as a display of gratitude, I make myself available to assist in some of the ventures/projects of the company. In return, I am relieved of the headache of school tuition and other miscellaneous expenses and so I can fully shift my focus to completing my university studies. This opportunity has allowed me to continue my passion for mathematics, by pursuing a BSc. in Actuarial Science in the quest of one day becoming an actuary, financial analyst or any other jobs in the field of risk management. Being a scholar is an experience that you must live to understand, and I am most grateful that I was one of the selected few.


Pamella Chang, GraceKennedy/EMC Scholar 2018 

It is a great privilege to be chosen as a Grace Kennedy Scholar. I am beyond thankful and grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity that many sought for, but only a few prevailed. Being a GK Scholar has positively impacted my life by boosting the confidence I needed to achieve my goals. It has taken away the burden of student loans and it has also relived some of the stress and tension that my grandmother faced. With this opportunity, I can more easily focus on my short-term goals as well as my future career as an artist and an entrepreneur. Without my obligation to repay an impending debt, I will be able to whole-heartedly invest in becoming one of the greatest names in art that Jamaica has to offer.


Shenel Graham, GraceKennedy/Rafael Diaz Scholar 2018 

My lifelong dream of being a pioneer in Jamaica’s financial sector is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarship like the Rafael Diaz Scholarship in Business.  Being named a GK Scholar has been one of the most miraculous and rewarding occurrences in my life and

I am sincerely honored to have been chosen as a recipient of this prestigious scholarship.  Without a doubt, this scholarship has and will continue to play a key role in helping me to achieve my educational dreams.  GK foundation has enabled me to echo the sentiments of Jason Day who postulated that the word “legacy” sounds a bit conceited but, yet it is the very epitome of what I plan to achieve. I am in relentless pursuit of excellence and this scholarship has started and will continue to fuel my vehicle to success, indisputably giving me the drive to succeed so that I can be a valuable contributor to my country. A legacy, indeed!


Javon Salmon, GraceKennedy/JIEE Scholar 2018 

As a GK Scholar, I attained the means to complete my Bachelor’s in engineering degree at the University of Technology, Jamaica. This opportunity not only gave me the financial support that I needed, but it also gave me a platform that I was able to use to give back to my community. Being a GK Scholar empowered me to stay on my career path, remain focused and work harder knowing GK believed in me. By alleviating the financial responsibility, I have been able to focus more on my academics as well as improve my aptitude of student leadership in the position of Student Services Director. It also shaped the way that I view community service, reinforcing how one tiny gesture has the potential to change the world in an individual’s eye. I am overwhelmed with joy having received this scholarship and forever grateful for having had this unparalleled opportunity.


Raeon Ricketts, GraceKennedy/Caribbean Maritime University Scholar 2018 

Being a GK scholar means a lot to me. It allows me to not only represent myself at the highest possible level, but also to represent a brand that is strongly associated with loyalty, family and a positive impact on society. As a GK scholar, the opportunities given will only propel me to move towards my best and accomplish the goals I set out to not only becoming the best in my field of logistics and supply chain, but also to help and motivate others. Big up GK foundation!