Financial Services

GraceKennedy Money Services

GKMS is the umbrella brand for the services offered by Western Union, FX Trader and Bill Express. Combined, the GKMS network has over 300 locations across Jamaica. Whenever you see the GKMS sign at least one, and sometimes all, of our services are offered at the location. GKMS also operates in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, …


Banking & Investments

Investing in the Caribbean has never been easier. GraceKennedy’s subsidiaries in its Financial Services Division – First Global Bank Limited, SigniaGlobe Financial Group Inc., GK Investments Limited and GK Capital Management Limited – offer Caribbean investors a wide range of products and services. These include commercial banking, stock brokerage services, corporate finance and advisory services. …



Our insurance segment, with subsidiaries located in Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean ranks highly in the industry with our preferred partners including some of the world’s most highly rated re-insurers.