Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of GraceKennedy Limited comprises nine members. The Executive Committee is led by Don Wehby, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer. Don Wehby Group Chief Executive Officer On July 1, 2011, Mr. Don Wehby was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer of GraceKennedy Limited. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Wehby held the position of Group …


Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is  “To deliver the taste and experience of Jamaican and other multi-cultural foods to the world, and leading financial services to our region.” To be a Global Consumer Group, delivering long-term consumer and shareholder value through brand building and innovative solutions in food and financial services, provided by highly skilled and motivated people. …



The Board of Directors of GraceKennedy Limited comprises nine members, seven of whom are non-executive Directors. The remaining two Directors are executives Donald Wehby, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Andrew Messado, the Group’s Chief Financial Officer. The Board is led by an independent Chairman, Professor Gordon Shirley.