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The World War Years and Immediatley After 1939 to 1950

On the next day, the Colonial Government in Jamaica acted to prevent profiteering. The Competent Authorities, in two separate Orders dealing with food supplies and with other articles, banned the exportation from Jamaica of comprehensive lists of foodstuffs and other goods, whether of local production or imported with intention to re-export. Only by special permission, applied for and given in writing, would any export of any of the articles listed be allowed under special permit issued by the relevant Competent Authority. In addition, a Foodstuff Prices Board would meet within a few days to fix prices and until then no price, whether who lesale or retail, should be marked up beyond those prevailing up to the end of August. Again, special cases for consideration would have to be addressed, in writing, to the Competent Authority. Any infringement of these regulations and any offer of goods above the prices to be set at intervals by the Government should be immediately reported to the Competent Authority, and those found in breach of the regulations would suffer 'severe penalties'.

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