GraceKennedy Group - Rosemarie Forrester and Michael Brown Named Champion Male and Female Household Workers of the Year 2018
Thursday, 20 December 2018 21:25

Rosemarie Forrester and Michael Brown Named Champion Male and Female Household Workers of the Year 2018

Long serving household workers, Rosemarie Forrester and Michael Brown, were declared Champion Female and Male respectively of the GraceKennedy Heather Little-White Household Worker of the Year 2018 Award Programme. The winners were announced at a presentation ceremony held atJamaica Pegasus Hotel on December 18.


Michael Brown and Rosemarie Forrester each won a cash prize of $330,000, placed in an account at First Global Bank (FGB), and a $25,000 gift voucher from Hi-Lo Food Stores. Additionally, they will receive a grant of $100,000 for their own educational advancement or to be given in the form of scholarship to a student of their choice.

Female Runner-up, Cynthia O’Connor, received $220,000 placed an FGB account and a $15,000 gift voucher from Hi-Lo Food Stores Division. 

In his remarks GraceKennedy Group CEO, Don Wehby, expressed his appreciation to household workers for their work. “On behalf of all of us at GraceKennedy and everyone here today, thank you for making our lives easier by supporting us on a daily basis and being the family not that we were given but that we chose,” he said.

Guest Speaker at the event, the Most Honourable Juliet Holness, M.P, delivered an inspiring keynote address, in which she lauded household workers and urged Jamaicans to give them the respect that they deserve. “When we stop seeing those honest hard-working Jamaicans as lesser than ourselves and instead see them as equal partners in the development of Jamaica, we will increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity,” she pointed out.

Mrs Holness expressed her appreciation to GraceKennedy Limited, which established the Awards Programme named in honour of the late nutritionist, Dr Heather Little-White. She also endorsed the Programme for the recognition given to household workers.


“I am therefore happy that we are recognising my friends today.  My friends and partners who have made my life so much easier. The experts that make my ordinary Jamaican household an extraordinary place to live in.  The people who don't often get to be in the lights but allow us to look good under the lights,” she stated.  

Now in its fifth year, the Awards Programme, established in 2014, was conceptualized to recognize and reward outstanding individuals who are employed within households, for the invaluable contribution they make towards families and to national development.