GraceKennedy Group - GraceKennedy Fights Environmental Pollution on International Coastal Cleanup Day 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 23:02

GraceKennedy Fights Environmental Pollution on International Coastal Cleanup Day 2018

The battle against garbage polluting Jamaica’s beaches saw a brave effort by GraceKennedy Limited (GKL), one of several corporate entities which participated in the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day. 


This year, the GraceKennedy team collected a total of 3,342.2 lbs of garbage and 1,171 lbs of recyclable plastic (over 4,500 lbs of waste)  from Buccaneer Beach and Gunboat Beach along the Kingston Harbour. 

From left: Dr Fred Kennedy, Chairman of the GraceKennedy Foundation; Grace Burnett, CEO of the GK Financial Group; Gina Phillipps Black, Director of GraceKennedy Limited; Caroline Mahfood, Executive Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation; and Chaluk Richards, Assistant General Manager of Strategy and Commercial Lines at GK Insurance.

Leading the Herculean task on behalf of GKL was the GraceKennedy Foundation, which had the support of 257 volunteers comprising board and staff members, their families, students, and other youth organizations.

In a little over two hours, the volunteers removed a wide assortment of garbage including Styrofoam food containers, plastic bags, bottles, household furniture, and tyres.

Sheraine Campbell (left)Assistant Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, and Camisha Morgan, Risk & Compliance Officer, both of First Global Bank Ltd.  In the background is Christopher Rose of Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation.

Commenting on the Group’s effort, Caroline Mahfood, Executive Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation (GKF) said "We do it because we care about the environment. However it is critical that we solve the problem at source, as too much garbage is going into the harbour. Each of us have to do our part to protect the environment." 

Eight-year-old Chelsea Watson takes a break in front of some of the bags of garbage that have been collected from Buccaneer Beach.

She explained that the Foundation’s spearheading the Group’s participation in International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day was part of a larger thrust in keeping with its mandate to support GraceKennedy as a corporate citizen by creating environmentally sustainable programmes. “We currently run a very successful plastic bottle collection programme at our subsidiaries, at 10 schools in Kingston, and at select Hi-Lo Supermarkets. This initiative is another way of us doing our part to bring attention to environmental issues," said Mrs Mahfood.

GraceKennedy has been the largest corporate collectorate for a single site at ICC Day in Jamaica for the past two years. 

Twain Harrison, Senior Operations Analyst, GK Insurance, and Tamika Harrison, Technical Officer of Allied Insurance Brokers Ltd.
with  their daughter, Tianna, make it a family affair at International Coastal Cleanup Day.