GraceKennedy Group - Orane off to Miami Bookfair
Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:00

Orane off to Miami Bookfair

Ian Randle Publishers today announced that author Douglas Orane will be presenting his book, The Business of Nation Building, Excerpts from the Selected Speeches of Douglas Orane, at the Miami International Bookfair in a special forum on November 20, 2016.
This follows on the heels of successful launches of the book in Kingston, Jamaica and in London, England earlier this year.
Orane is well known is business circles locally in Kingston and internationally, most notably for his 30-year tenure at Jamaican conglomerate GraceKennedy Ltd.
Published in April 2016, Orane presents a collection of excerpts from some of his most moving and inspirational speeches and is suitable for readers of any age. Covering 17 topics including Entrepreneurship and Sports, Private and Public Sector Management, Youth Development, Women, Productivity, Leadership, and the Diaspora and beyond, Orane’s passion and love for country and prescriptions for its ills are ideal for the advancement of Jamaica.
The excerpts are representations of the poignant principles and practices that have guided Douglas Orane throughout his impressive career in the private sector and in public service and present a “glass half full” perspective of Jamaica’s future and the contribution each individual can make to the country’s prosperity.

A true son of the soil, Jamaican businessman Douglas Orane shares key entrepreneurial lessons gleaned in and out of the boardroom. Read it in one sitting, or in sections for inspirational and motivational impetus; you’ll find yourself returning to your favourite excerpt again and again.’ - James I. Cash, PhD James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus Harvard Business School


‘A must read for anyone interested in leadership, self improvement and changing the world. This incredible personal history documents one man’s determination to advance his country in the face of adversity; it is full of life lessons for all of us to live by.’ - Desiree Rogers CEO, Johnson Publishing LLC. Publisher of EBONY and JET