Does the Company contribute to the Social & Economic Development of the country?

GraceKennedy Ltd contributes by paying all relevant taxes as levied by the Government.

Additionally the company provides employment for over two thousand employees, who in turn contribute to the PAYE system of taxation.

By virtue of it’s involvement in all aspects of commercial life in Jamaica, the company helps in the development of Rural life through its contract arrangements with farmers for Agricultural produce for processing in its factories.

Trucking companies find meaningful employment in providing haulage services to the company.
GraceKennedy Ltd is a major player in food manufacturing and export. They therefore impact significantly on International Trade, which earns Jamaica very valuable foreign exchange.
Our export trading company, Grace Foods International Ltd is a significant player in developing non-traditional exports to new markets in the international arena.

Additionally GraceKennedy Ltd through its Grace & Staff Foundation is a major contributor to the development of communities within which they operate. The Foundation provides education, training, and income earning projects for citizens in depressed communities throughout Jamaica.

The company is a major contributor to various sports, and sports organization.
GraceKennedy, through the underwriting of its Food Program, ably assisted the success of the Reggae Boyz in World Cup Football in l998. In 2007 GraceKennedy became the main sponsor of Inter Secondary Schools Athletic Championships and renewed commitment to the Ja. Football Federation for 4 years to its World Cup Campaign. The Company also continues to develop schoolboy cricket through the Grace Shield Competition. In 2012 it committed financial and nutritional contribution to the Olympic Team.