Describe the problems faced by the business as they relate to Raw Material usage and accessibility.

Each business entity within the GraceKennedy group will have different challenges in relation to the acquisition of raw materials and their accessibility.

Raw materials in this sense refer to those inputs required for our manufacturing companies.
In respect of locally produced agricultural raw materials inconsistent supplies, fluctuating prices, poor quality are but some of the challenges.

Imported raw materials are more accessible and has more competitive and stable pricing. A sound knowledge of the Global Industry for the particular raw material usually negates problems of sourcing and accessibility.

Government Regulations and high import duties on some third country raw materials are sometimes a challenge, but these can be negotiated and special arrangements instituted on a temporary and case by case basis.

Long delays in the Customs Department are cause for concern and to overcome this we need to plan longer lead times for raw material arrival, thereby decreasing the cost of production.