Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is  “To deliver the taste and experience of Jamaican and other multi-cultural foods to the world, and leading financial services to our region.”

To be a Global Consumer Group, delivering long-term consumer and shareholder value through brand building and innovative solutions in food and financial services, provided by highly skilled and motivated people.

Our Vision embodies the focus of GraceKennedy’s team, grounded in our firm commitment to our stakeholders:

  • Our staff: We will promote teamwork, mutual respect, care, open communication, empowerment and accountability.
  • Our customers and consumers: We will maintain high product and service standards as we honour our commitments.
  • Our shareholders: We will provide our shareholders with competitive rates of return over the medium-to long-term.
  • Our communities: We will be a socially responsible, caring and environmentally conscious corporate citizen.
  • Our creed: We will operate with honesty, integrity and trust.

Our Values

  • Honesty, Integrity, Trust


Always Guided by Our Core Values