Grace Foods International (GFI)

Grace Foods International (GFI) is the primary division of GraceKennedy Limited mandated to market its products in countries around the world. The organization began in 1969 as an export department within GraceKennedy in keeping with the company’s growing focus on international markets. In 1984, an independent company - Grace, Kennedy Export Trading Limited - was created focusing on export trading.

In December of 2002, Grace, Kennedy Export Trading was renamed Grace Foods International (GFI) to reflect a more accurate description of the international marketing focus of the organization and its vision of building brands. Today the company has expanded into mainstream international markets while continuing to focus on its core Caribbean consumers. As a result of a greater focus on research and development, Grace Foods International now has products that are manufactured exclusively for its international markets. We have also modified our packaging to meet international regulations and changing consumer tastes.

Each year GFI expands into new markets, as part of our mandate to build Grace-owned brands. Today we market our products in over 38 countries around the world. In 2006 GFI embarked on a test marketing programme in Africa starting with Ghana. These ventures, along with a continued programme of innovation, have resulted in continued growth for the organization.

GFI’s drive to increase export earnings worldwide is supported by our team of highly experienced market managers who are stationed in various countries around the world. In addition to their knowledge of the products they represent, they also have a sound understanding of the culture of the countries in which they work.

Grace Foods International has won several prestigious awards over the years and remains a foundation member of the Jamaica Exporters’ Association. In the last two years we have also increased our role in the low-income Newport West community in Kingston, with activities focused on the continued education of the young men of the community.